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◆ Guidance of the use  ◆

Please make a reservation for the Internet

@ Please apply than the reservation form of each plan within one week before enforcement.
(because an automatic reply email is transmitted, please confirm contents.)
A In schedule confirmation, I may not take a reservation by any chance.
In that case, I may ask for a change or a course change in a schedule.
B After the confirmation of the schedule, I do guidance of paying by an email.
C After receipt of money confirmation, it becomes the reservation decision.
I send a "detailed guidance" email of wait places of the day.

Payment methods

■Credit card

 The credit card mentioned above is available.

※After a schedule decision, I guide a card settlement screen by an email.
※It should be a reservation decision as soon as I receive the approval of the credit card company.

※The cancellation after the reservation decision takes a cancellation fee (normal 100% rate).

※I use "PayPal" (pay pal) for the email settlement. An email to perform the credit card settlement is transmitted by PayPal (pay pal). I have you access from an email PayPal (pay pal) settlement screen, and, please input card information. When you do not have PayPal account, I can settle an account.

What security, quickness can easily remit features it without PayPal (pay pal) being the online settlement service that is the most famous in the world through the credit card, and teaching the payee a credit card number.

Publication of the receipt

You want, and the receipt accepts it and publishes it.


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