Let's have wonderful experiences! Eat, take photos, and play games with Maiko

Let's spend some happy time
with Maiko and Geisha


Nearby! Familiar! More fun!

Let's enjoy it with a maiko  B course

It is girl society sweets course with a woman limited maiko

In tea dealers of the Gion east, you see traditional dance of Kyoto performed to the accompaniment of folk songs of a maiko and are free to do a maiko and a room play experience, a perfection private room VIP reservations plan, photography freedom, animation photography.
Afterwards a maiko and walk, photography in Tatsumi Shinto shrine, tatsumibashi,
Furthermore, I move to sweets shop and am conversing with with a maiko, a small number of people course. 
(two people - eight people)

※In the case of 2-4 people, a visitor keeps company with the maiko in one person, and, in the case of 5-8 people, a visitor keeps company with the maiko in two people.

  • Traditional dance of Kyoto performed to the accompaniment of folk songs "four seasons "Gion short ballads" of the maiko of Kyoto"
  • Conversing with with the maiko
  • Maiko and room experience (the lantern .5 multiple that guardian deity of seafarers ships, a tiger tiger, a bear appeared, and is big)
  • It is free to do a maiko and 2 shot photography, photography and is free to do animation photography
  • After a maiko and walk, it is photography in maiko spot Tatsumi Shrine, tatsumibashi
  • Furthermore, a maiko recites it with a maiko after guidance to a sweets shop
  • From 15:00 two hours (is excluded on Sunday, a holiday)

◆ Plan trip example ◆

14:55 To a tea dealer of the 14:55 Gion east

15:00 maiko traditional dance of Kyoto performed to the accompaniment of folk songs
It is an elegant dance to play by the maiko of beautiful clothes. The dance is two pieces of plans including "the Gion short ballad".

15:15 Pleasant chat with the 15:15 maiko
Because it is chartered, there is the time to touch a maiko enough.

15:30  room play experience
The room play, please experience room play against the fascinating maiko including a rock, paper, scissors "tiger tiger" born from "guardian deity of seafarers ships", bright lapis lazuli.
When there are many participation numbers of people, please experience the group room play including the "big lantern" "5 multiple" that "a bear appeared".
I can enjoy it more by experiencing it only than looking. Please experience it.

16:00 photography
I can take a souvenir picture with a maiko freely. I can photograph an animation and the photograph of a maiko dance and the room play, too.

16:10 maiko and walk
I inform maiko spot Tatsumi Shrine, 巽橋. The taking a ceremonial photograph of a two-shot photograph and the all the members photograph.

16:20 maiko sweets shop guidance
Pleasant conversation while I eat delicious スィーツ in a maiko and "Gion Komori" or "a sheep cafe"

17:00 The 17:00 end
It is the time required of approximately around two hours.

B course list of charges
Dear Ms. two: Dear Ms. 3-6: Dear Ms. seven: Dear Ms. eight:





The above is a per person price.


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