Let's have wonderful experiences! Eat, take photos, and play games with Maiko

Let's spend some happy time
with Maiko and Geisha


Nearby! Familiar! More fun!

B course Let’s enjoy meeting with the Maiko

This course is that meeting with the Maiko then go for a walk for afternoon tea

※ please book a group for 2 to 8 people (one or two Maiko entertain you)
※ we reserve this course only one group a day
※ this course starts from 1:00pm (for 2 hours)
※ we open from Monday to Saturday except public holidays

◆ B course details ◆

14:55 At the elegant teahouse in Gion Higashi area

15:00 Apreciate classical Japanese dance (Kyoto style)

15:15 Pleasant talk with the maiko

15:30  Play the traditional games with the Maiko (Ozashiki asobi)

※Konpira Fune-fune


※Bear came out

※Big-lantern Little-lantern
(おおきいちょうちん ちいさいちょうちん)

16:00 Take pictures (videos) with the Maiko (as many as you want)

16:10 Go for a walk and take some pictures at historical spots

16:20 Have afternoon tea (Japanes pastry) with the Maiko

17:00 Finish time

B course price list
Dear Ms. two: Dear Ms. 3-6: Dear Ms. seven: Dear Ms. eight:





The above is a per person price.


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